Keep Your Pets Healthy

An Alternative way to Keep your Pets Healthy

Healthy Organic Foods for Dogs and Cats

Pets are an important part of Americans society. There are well over 150 million dogs and cats in this country and most pet owners treat them like family members or children. One way that pet owners really show how much they care for their animals is by feeding them healthy organic meals. Organic simply means that something is created from natural substances. No artificial ingredients are used at all. Many pet owners want the best pet brands like Puppia for their domesticated creatures and organic pet food is often used for this purpose.

cat eating in a bowl

Why are Organic Ingredients Better for a Pet’s Health?

Dog and cats naturally eat meat. If a pet was given a choice between eating a plate full of meat or a plate full of vegetables and grains; they will naturally consume the meat every time. Why? It is within their genetic makeup to be this way. This is the reason why many people refer to dogs and cats as obligate carnivores.

Protein for cats and dogs is necessary for growth and development and it is also needed for their structural makeup. Not only is protein important to make pets stronger it is also strengthens their immune system. Pets need protein for these reasons and many more. Without having enough protein in their diets a carnivorous animal will develop but they will not reach their full potential.

Regular pet food is processed and contains many artificial ingredients. While it is true that standard pet food is nutritious; the extra fillers do not benefit an animal. Organic food does not put extra substances within a pet’s body. Natural foods are created and maintained with natural ingredients. They might not have a longer shelf life than processed pet foods but they certainly provide more benefits in terms health and taste.


Natural ingredients for organic pet foods includes vegetables, fruits, rice and other whole grains. Spices are not commonly used inside of organic pet foods because pets do not care for them. Remember that a pet’s taste buds are not as sensitive as a human’s. So, they are generally not as picky about the foods they like to eat. However, this does not mean that pet owners should feed their animals an inferior food product.

The bottom line is that organic pet food will make a pet look and feel healthier. Animals who eat organic will also have a better lifestyle and not experience many medical problems and conditions that often affect a pet’s health.